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Good Evening Fellow Seekers,

Over and over again, we are given the choice of how  to respond to things that happen … whether to respond out of our unconscious programming or out of our vision.  Here’s an example.  I have a dream of having a wonderful, loving, intimate relationship with my husband.  But then he does something that pushes one of my hot buttons.  Was it the tone of his voice?  Did I perceive a criticism?  Did he lack empathy?  Did he say “no” to something I really wanted him to do?  Whatever!  Out of my mouth comes a barrage of  … there’s no other word for it … garbage!

It feels terrible to dump anger or frustration on a loved one, doesn’t it?  We didn’t want to hurt him or her.  We certainly don’t want to live with regret or remorse.  Yet this isn’t the worst of it.  Our deepest sadness comes out of the fact that we have somehow betrayed ourselves.  We had a dream of a great relationship and then we did something destructive of that dream.  Incongruence between our dream and our behavior is very painful.

Here’s a re-frame that helps me.  Whenever we set a high intention, everything unlike that vision is likely to come up.  When you think about it, it makes perfect sense and it’s a blessing.  Everything in our character or habitual behavior that could sabotage the dream must come up for healing.  Having set an intention to be a loving partner, it really hurts when I am not that.  It’s supposed to.  This pain is a spotlight shining on the the things I need to work on in order to move closer to my dream.

Our lives, like the lives of everything in the manifest realm, have one main purpose … growth.  We are here to come closer and closer to living the truth of who we are.  We are here to be an outlet for Spirit’s wisdom, intelligence, love, beauty and creativity.  Our purpose is to bring these qualities to life.  It is not the roles we play or the positions we attain or the amount of stuff we acquire.  Each one of us is meant to be a place where God shows up in the world.

Take heart … your dream is unfolding, one shaky step at a time.  Here’s an affirmation that might serve as a good reminder:

I am here to be the eyes and ears and voice and hands and feet of God.  

Namaste’ my friends.  I’m so glad you’re on the planet.

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  1. Elana

    Thank you Catherine for sharing your journey. I love your practical, everyday wisdom! I find myself reviewing things that have come out of my mouth on a regular basis, always feeling as if I could have been kinder, clearer & more articulate. Thanks for the re-frame!

  2. Al Menard

    That reminds me of the adage, it’s hard to remember that when you are up to your butt in gators the main purpose was to drain the swamp! I was living that reality Sunday.

  3. Elizabeth Cole

    Thank you for this enlightenment, Catherine. Your words prompted me to read again, for the umpteenth time, Wendell Berry’s poem, “Do Not Be Ashamed.” There is a subtle difference in interpretation of that spotlight. But a huge diffenece in how it changes me in the moment. If I judge myself, the spotlight keeps me in the prison yard. If I thank God for EVERYTHING in my life, I am free..”and the heron will begin his evening flight from the hilltop.”

    Loads of love to you this morning.

    1. Catherine Klein (Post author)

      Thanks so much Elizabeth. And I really appreciate the reference to Barry’s poem. I’m tracking it down.

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